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No. 3528 [Atsakyti]

Sup! I wander what lituanians think about russia and will answer your questions.
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> lands that they have occupied from other peoples
You are right. Of cause you shell remember then people (i mean intelligent people) of russia feels wery shame about this. The history of every country has bloody pages and i dont't think that you are right hating any nation because of it.

> your country will starve, and I will enjoy seeing you subhumans suffer

Russia won't starve.

> Even if Putin leads Russia to war against us, there is no hope of victory for you

At first you shall know that russia don't try to make a war right now. I dot't know what information exist in your mass media, don't trust it.
Then. Do you raely think that your army s stronger?

Anyway why do you judgmental people by the country's history and the actions of politicians?


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It's always the same argument, that nation and ordinary people =/= politicians. But that's wrong, a conscious nation would not put up with politicians like you have. Russians put up with Stalin, there are many people who love him today, even though objectively even nazism was far better than stalinism. Russians still vote for communist party. And russians still love Putin. I know there are people who protest, but they are a minority. Those are good people and I respect them, but if 80% of russian nation are agressive warmongers who want Soviet Union recreated- you can all die a horrible death, I would not care.


i love russia


>Anyway why do you judgmental people by the country's history and the actions of politicians?

It is just that people still remember the pain and suffering. Tell me how it is different now ?


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Russia is the best country in the world. It will seize Lithuania in 4 hours, Latvia in 2 hours and Poland in 7 days

BTW: Vilnus belongs to Poland you shit eaters xD

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No. 3564 [Atsakyti]

Lithuanians eat shit

Litwini jedzo gunwo!

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No. 3561 [Atsakyti]

Lietuviai valgyti šūdą


aciu malonus praeivi

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No. 3500 [Atsakyti]

ask ur questions
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Yes, but it wasn't given, verbal insults were proclamated and ATO was started, they seem to be deadly angry. If they feel they're victorious or if they start to feel strong support from Mother Russia (like now?), they might wish for more. Besides, they might be saying one thing and wishing for another. And at first they had different moods between them.
I mean, now they can even aim for ZNR (Zaporozhye), though I have no idea how can Zaporozhye be a part of "Novorossia". And basically if we show that after serious agression we give up land and EU does nothing - then any other land can be taken from us. And since it won't be done without war, this would lead to thousands of casualities.
tl;dr no matter what happens from now on, there will be suffering.


Latest command from Putin to separatists.


File: 1409300666758.png (262,92 KB, 637x356, Screenshot - 08292014 - 08:31:…)

>they [i]might[/i] wish for more
check the flag on the insignia on his shoulder. its not a matter of wishing but the ability.
>EU does nothing
it doesnt even have an army. and there is no guarantee that the NATO as a whole would respond to russian invasion here either. if anything its up to individual countries. i dont think any armymen from your neighboring countries wants to go get raped by your russians.


i thought the only ukraine military the separatists are exterminating are the volunteer battalions.


Looks like the Ukrainian soldiers were let through the corridor and then deliberately shot at:

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No. 3523 [Atsakyti]

Have you seen this? What is being done to the country?
The current power Putin has made this database http://apachan.ru/ where you can find detailed information about every resident in the territory of Russia. I checked, and found their data removed, and all that I do that. And then you never know who is out there looking for …


Litwini jedza guwno



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No. 3508 [Atsakyti]

anime is gay and shit


File: 1408826417145.gif (406,22 KB, 320x240, 1404634134933.gif)

noooooooooooooooooooo xDDD

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No. 3515 [Atsakyti]

we can be friend
it's enough to give back /vi/
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what the fuck is /vi/? also stop shitposting


there was a Polish board called /vi - Wilno (or Vilnius) year or two ago for a while


on 370chan? why would they do that?


hundreds of Polacks started raiding this place and spamming every board when their chan went down, so mod gave them a board until their chan got fixed.


that was very kind of mod.

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No. 3513 [Atsakyti]

Russian - is not "rossiyanin"!

We don`t like Putin, we didn`t vote for Putin.
We don`t want to conquer the world.
We don`t want to build communism.
We don`t drink vodka every day.




I'm disappointed, Russia. Everyone knows that Putin is the miracle of universe. Of course, drinking vodka and other stuff you mentioned is still shameful.

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No. 3486 [Atsakyti]

Broliai, kada išžudysit lenkus? Jau užpiso jie.
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Kai putinas puls tai lenkai bus achuelni draugai. Malalieykos nesioreantuoja pasauly. Iesko priesu tarp lenku kai tikrasis priesas yra rusas.



supistas sudlenki bl pakokis smutkes ir i varsuva bl kiaule tu bl


Nzn kaip tu bet as tikiuosi kad rusija mums pasiulys lenkijos zemiu ir mes jous sudubasyssim.


Rusai bent pusiau žmonės, ne kaip lenkai, kurious net gyvuliais liežuvis man neapsiverstų vadint.

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No. 3506 [Atsakyti]

why is there nothing but paska here :DDD???
at least post hot asses if ur gonna shitpost paska smh


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there is nothing here not even paska

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