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File: 1489091306704.jpg (36,89 KB, 390x504, lietuva.jpg)


Will you have some alt-right Trumpistas and retarded anarchists marching on March 11th, as I heard somewhere?

t. labas kur yra memai :DDD
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anarchists didn't show up


File: 1489368463951.gif (5,19 MB, 256x256, 1770_chickendance-LVhighli….gif)

Did they say they would be present?


dunno, in Kaunas on february 16th antifa said they would come and beat us, but they didn't show up either


Also we're full blown fascists, MAGA hat is for teh memes only.


File: 1483201582960.jpg (5,72 KB, 200x149, 147396882782s.jpg)


People are being poisoned,infected,numbed,crippled and spotted by the shampoo,beverages and food.


redpill me on the shampoo, beverages and food



Wash your hair with baking soda and apple vinegar


If I use shampoo, will it make my hair disappear?

Fucking excellent. No more head shaving.

File: 1488567034279.jpg (6,53 KB, 160x110, yUs1jOl.jpg)


made with marshmallows, coconut and whiskey


File: 1487681973135.jpg (13,07 KB, 320x231, j8ulXKG.jpg)




File: 1481478281066.png (247,25 KB, 858x1134, أدولف هتلر.png)


ask anything to muslim in sweden
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I came 1 year ago from Aleppo


Islam is worse than cancer.


Alahu agbar :DDDDDD


You should visit Lithuania first. Even local people are leaving this place. You pansies will run the fuck away the day after arrival. Saying shariah will come to Lithuania is like saying that shariah will come to Siberia. Or the moon. Here's a question, though, do you think that the jews will nuke you before you nuke them or are you a retard?


Disregard that, my father is a twat.

File: 1484643142516.jpg (39,39 KB, 320x282, EWB9RgI.jpg)




File: 1472207181661.jpg (49,21 KB, 430x629, 128510217339.jpg)


If Finland gets fucked up by the extremely corrupting 3rd wave feminism, "refugees" and antifa, can i come to Latvia? Will you let me in? ;__;


wrong chan


Latvian chan is dead now :(


rest in piss


Italian chan is ded as well

When where you when Diochan ded


Go to the USA instead. Now it's saved by His Grace, the Imperial Majesty on the Iron Throne, the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus I of the House of Trump.

File: 1483736794697.webm (3,58 MB, 854x480, 1483733583860.webm)


Free Vilnius Radio invites you to first 2017 /int/ radio show! Grab your microphones, you'll have the opportunity to talk to anonymous from around the world live!

7th Jan 2017 21:00 UTC. Expect us.

File: 1483372642951.gif (1,51 MB, 500x350, 71855_900.gif)



Kropyvach embassy will be here

File: 1483205513815.jpg (12 KB, 320x240, db7pNX8.jpg)


You can fly!


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