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No. 3899 [Atsakyti]

I've come to claim Vilnya as the rightful belarusian lands ))))
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this is a nice place


I saw no toilet and shat in the corner.
I hope it's alright. Felt alright.


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hi there




That's a great tank. I hope it doesn't get destroyed by Russian forces.

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No. 3774 [Atsakyti]

When will you Ukrops finally die? You were always a shit stain of this world…


not sure if you are pole but you do post like one. for what purpose do you kick a person that is already down. ok ukraine is shit i get it but it tells something about you as a person if you find pleasure seeing them suffer. no wonder lithuanians didnt want to share a country with a you.




Polacks won in the end though, as they and russians residing in Vilnius made it a multicultural city in all ways possible, so lithuanians today are experiencing the same phenomenon as in XVIth century- they assimilate into an identity more global. Majority of LBGT activists in Lithuania are slavs, majority of ANTIFA, majority of pro-vatnik orgs, majority of everything directed against us, be it western decadence or putinist imperialism.


you are describing latgale region perfectly. it seems like a established fact by now that latgale's main feature and its strength is their diversity. i guess that the stability of its society depend on the peaceful coexistence of the different groups there but i dont think this is the reason they are pushing this notion.
why dont you focus on the fact that you got vilnus with all of its lithuanians. it is your task to pacify those other groups that want to tear lithuania apart.


Song name?


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No. 3912 [Atsakyti]

an imageboard for argies

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No. 3909 [Atsakyti]

Безделье это игрушка дьявола.

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No. 3904 [Atsakyti]

Sup niggers, how good is this board?


its very good

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No. 3907 [Atsakyti]


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No. 3866 [Atsakyti]

I was here.
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wtf uis this


Kur stanikas?!?


dude that plastic sword is pretty embarrassing


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Nice tits.

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No. 3848 [Atsakyti]

auuuu lomo


who's Greece?


country with dermpts :DDd

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No. 3884 [Atsakyti]

I am an 8chan /pol/lack .
I know very little about the baltic countries. I would like to learn more.
Are baltic people red pilled?
Do they hate russians?
Are they religious?
What do you think of western Europeans like irish/scots?


absolutely bizarro-tumblr-tier
balts are not white

eastern europe is a different race from western europe, you fucks are cucks (you say you're "civilized") and we are what you "civilized" peoples call barbarians
we're no better than muslims in most regards and this is why they can't fuck us up; they'd need to actually compete with us while you cucks just let them to what they want due to your "civilized" values

though it's a fact that ireland and scotland are culturally east of hajnal line and therefore honorary slavs

>do they hate russians

golly gee of course they do, I'd hate russians too if they tried to resettle a shitload of russians in my country to fracture our national identity


>Are baltic people red pilled?
Yes. Older people tend to know about jewish terror, lgbt cancer, Muslims and other bullshit. Younger people on the other hand tend to be more liberal on jews because schooling but they still hate fags and muslims.

>Do they hate russians?

Some do, some not. I can't speak for other balts but personally think majority of Lithuanians hate Russians and Russia.

>Are they religious?

Again am not sure if about other countries but lithuanians could be called "non-practicing Christians" aka agnostics.

>What do you think of western Europeans like irish/scots?

Scots are cool from my book because I have a relative who lives in Stirling. Can't speak for Irish.


File: 1458512597728.jpg (195,03 KB, 720x1280, Pignas Italianas.jpg)

Hmmm, I'm not feeling the Wodka…



We are mostly sXe.

Btw, check out our new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Kg5ioRa850

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