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great thread


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The one big misconception that many people get about Lithuania is that many people think that we are white just because we live in Europe when in fact we are the least white people in the entire of europe, we have a low IQ,our country looks very much like africa and we love basketball, our language is very closely related to ancient sanskrit,dacian and greek also in the past when Lithuanians were still pagans suicide was seen as a very positive and normal thing actually in one of the most popular myths "Pilėnai" The Teutonic Order attacked the castle of Pilėnai led by the Duke Margiris and after the people inside lost all hope to hold out they made a big bonfire on which they threw their valuables and other stuff, and started to kill each other, they strangled the children and then threw them on the bonfire and the men killed each other with swords and axes, and one of the old pagan women killed over 100 people on her own with an axe and after that she killed herself by smashing her head, the Duke Margiris when he couldn't hold out anymore he got to the basement in which he had hidden his wife, and with one swing he cut her in half and after that he slashed his own stomach.
In conclusion Lithuania is not white, and when people commit suicide they are just appropriating our culture.
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True Europeans are pagans. Christianity is a jewish religion. There is a reason why indo europeans are called indo europeans. Language wise we are the most ancient indo europeans. We are the europeans that stuck with the old ways.


>amerifat nigger calling kettle black


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you mean

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Dingstu iš interneto tai dingstu ir iš čano, sėmkės wirai :^)
4 žinutės nerodoma. Norėdamas peržiūrėti spausk „Atsakyti“.


Kaip galima dingti iš interneto?
Aš neįsivaizduoju savo gyvenimo be neto


Tiesiog susikuri naują internetinę tapatybę


jis dingo, brolau
pardave savo kompa seneliui


pardavė seneliui? netikiu, veikiau jau nusižudė


pardave ji, brolau
pardave ir pabego
pradejo skaityt, mokslincius tapo

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Арахісове видання

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Oжина видання

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Še, užkąsk sūrelio, gal apsiraminsi



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Какао видання

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Абрикос видання

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