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Hey Lietuva and lithuanians , I love your country although 89% of you don't like it because of this and that. Why is your country so beautifully flat and yet so full of forests , lakes and gorgeous women? Had something with a Lithuanian girl too but turn out to be a closet bitch (you know they act all good and they fuck like bunnies IRL) didn't work out because of that and some friend of her being overly protective.

So I am thinking of doing my master's there and working for a few years , what should I expect besides mild racism outside Kaunas and Vilnius and drunken spaniards , italians, Azebajani guys in bars and clubs trying to fuck with your girls constantly?
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fuckin slow ass servers


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I'm sorry you believe in the superiority of a race when Europe and it's white supremacy from the 15th century until now has been the product of variables that we in the new world never truly had. I don't hate jews I don't hate pretty much any race, and yes even I have a thing against black people/brown people like myself but Education is what separates us from the horde of filth that got to EU countries like Sweden, Germany, Hungary etc. IQ is not only genetics but upbringing is scientifically proven. Giving your vocabulary it seems you have served in the army or you are serving there. Don't hate people whose country is fucked up , religion is fucked up or their culture , educate them not by beating the shit or life out of them, educate by giving them not only the tools but also the repercussions of no following the laws. I agree that degeneracy is going up but there are things shouldn't be counted as degeneracy, homosexuality exists in nature is it bad to go against it? Is it bad to go against something that natural selections does to you in order to not bring offspring? We are in a pretty crowded world and although I want a family shit is going down because we simple are too many and resources are going scarce slowly but surely.

I want my country to be something that perhaps will never be, I want to live a life that isn't "Life in the baltics while being ruled by the USSR" but with almost modern technology. I want a life where I can at least not now but in 20 years , 30 years be an effective piece for the change of my country or if not my own children. What the hell do you see wrong in all of this? Haven't you heard from your grandparents or even your parents how fucked up things were back in the 80's,70's and 60's? Don't you have a little bit of sympathy?

Anyways thanks for your words although full of dispise for people that aren't white and gorgeous like you it has a bit of truth and what you consider absolute truths.

When I get to lithuania or anywhere in Europe by my own means and by having the education to work and build a life there I'll make sure let you all guys know first


Supremacy wasn't even mentioned in this thread, Señor Ding Dong. The thing is, you'd rather run away instead of working to improve your homeland, the place where you were born, raised and loved. Not only that, you are also insulting our beloved country. You're being hated here not only because you're brown, but more because you're simply a pest, a traitor and a parasite. Nobody owes shit to you just because your country sucks. So once again, fuck off, we're full.


fuck off we're full


>I don't hate jews I don't hate pretty much any race
Go back to facebook.

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omlettee du fromaž






woof woof?

File: 1545936728313.jpg (175,1 KB, 1024x768, 54324246.jpg)


File: 1544999322773.png (38,75 KB, 1357x628, United_Nations_Global_Comp….png)


Why aren't you guys on the red side?


What's the red side?


Bcause we love immigrants.


Countries not accepting the UN Global Compact


so we could eat all of them


because no potato as well

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Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there.


nice pussy

File: 1543435062211.gif (779,74 KB, 240x184, nice.gif)


Really fantastic to see and LT based chan. Much love to Vilnius!


pisk iš če, naujapydari


Sveikas atvykęs, angliakalbi! Prašau, pasilik /int/ lentoj.

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beautiful patterns every second
- http://khomalev.ho.ua/kaleidoscope2017.html
#kaleidoscope #second #beautiful #patterns

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Färtii ja Shärtii

File: 1536517505056.jpg (14,65 KB, 334x349, IMG_20180820_204135.jpg)


kaunas is gay lol
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Fuck off Ivar, ur flag is literally toothpaste


you are thinking of vilnius


maskva sassiot piter rishajit


vsjo takue

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gramatikos nacionalistas kiba būsi




toks blet ir socialistas


Hello where are the memes


File: 1543069114829.jpg (74,13 KB, 527x344, le_meme.jpg)

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