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Slaptažodis (Failų trynimui.)

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Aš postinu iš Italijos, balvonai!


Tu neteisus. Jokioje tu ne Italijoje, mes tai žinom.


Jau grįžau, dabar aš Lenkijoje


Ir vėl netiesa. Ko tu toks melagis, anone?


Ka jus, hebra?


tavo mama, tu?

File: 1536085971683.jpg (8,95 KB, 268x619, 13882225_1852958098265664_….jpg)


Where to find ladies for sex in Klaipeda :D

I visit klaipeda port every month and have couple of hours free time to spend :D

Like in Netherlands, walk in "privehuis", give money = receive sex.


Ne sex in Lithuania.
Only alcohol, potato, rope and soap.


klaipeda is like 1/4th russian you should be able to find ruski whores

File: 1536517505056.jpg (14,65 KB, 334x349, IMG_20180820_204135.jpg)


kaunas is gay lol


File: 1536604687519.jpg (48,62 KB, 590x351, 1521493463276.jpg)

you're thinking about the place next to it, Valentijn



File: 1536339219907.gif (1,23 MB, 300x200, 1536009542341.gif)


ko ce blet tiek daug kinieciu


kažkoks botas, nekreip dėmesio

File: 1535671809778.jpg (18,73 KB, 474x304, 1481584377942.jpg)


Türk resimli tahtaları öldü, anası da sikildi.

File: 1532660306943.jpeg (20,25 KB, 480x360, EBE442C8-3D21-4268-87B3-A….jpeg)


Дагестанские москвичи еже бля


what it mean


File: 1529865961314.jpg (89,51 KB, 600x600, fHPzhOe.jpg)


>18 years old
>my life is senseless
>will get beaten up by a guy because i fucked his girl
>tried to kill myself but failed (jumping out of the window)
>if someone wanna give me positive feelings, call me ._.! +4915732627354
2 žinutės ir 1 žinutė su paveikslėliu nerodoma. Norėdamas peržiūrėti spausk „Atsakyti“.


get out of here you homosex with ur gay flag


You posted this on /int/ from russian 2ch.hk and you really feel the need to shitpost this exact same thread on this site.


piss off with your fag flag




hi there. i am an imageboard hopper, and i just noticed this post. coincidentally, i am on 2ch.hk at the same time i am reading your post. which means we are connected through blood.

File: 1531233740800.jpg (121,26 KB, 500x592, ILsI4GK9Y10.jpg)


I am try learning lithuanian, and i can't find torrent tracker, which I, foreigner, can use.
Can u suggest me?
2 žinutės nerodoma. Norėdamas peržiūrėti spausk „Atsakyti“.


Why do you want to learn Lithuanian language?


I like how Lithuanian language sounds. I am listning yours radio around 2 hour per day at work, and i really enjoy this.
My native language is Russian, and baltic language family is most closest to slavic. Some research says, that baltics languages is ancestors of east slavic languages. Trur or not, but russian(oldrussian) have 1600 common roots. And learning of Lithuanian language can be a proccess of cognition my mothertongue.
And most important, i wanna visit Lithuania. And i wanna speak on your language, because i don't wont to be a russian jerk.
And, Lithuanian is old and interesting.


Yes, hello!
Drop in to #balt IRC on irc.ircworld.org, i can share with you few films I subtitled with other anons. Also if it turns out, that you are not a jerk I may give you an invite to linkomanija.
Pls note though, that I lurk in irc only in evenings.


Im in channel(


Sorry, I was out for weekend…

File: 1532861954692.png (439,94 KB, 1118x1022, Screenshot_2018-07-29_12-5….png)



I made this. Basically a search engine for porn. It's still a fairly new project, so any feedback is appreciated. Please tell me what you think about it. If you have a good suggestion, I'll implement it

File: 1524396185752.jpg (102,63 KB, 613x341, screen.jpg)



File: 1524582816708.jpg (1,77 KB, 125x83, 1518286413915s.jpg)


mano vardas klaidas



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