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Slaptažodis (Failų trynimui.)

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mano vardas klaidas



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I am try learning lithuanian, and i can't find torrent tracker, which I, foreigner, can use.
Can u suggest me?


Torrent-tracker which have film with lithuanin's sound.


linkomanija.net (invite only)
torrent.ai (cancer)


Why do you want to learn Lithuanian language?


I like how Lithuanian language sounds. I am listning yours radio around 2 hour per day at work, and i really enjoy this.
My native language is Russian, and baltic language family is most closest to slavic. Some research says, that baltics languages is ancestors of east slavic languages. Trur or not, but russian(oldrussian) have 1600 common roots. And learning of Lithuanian language can be a proccess of cognition my mothertongue.
And most important, i wanna visit Lithuania. And i wanna speak on your language, because i don't wont to be a russian jerk.
And, Lithuanian is old and interesting.


Yes, hello!
Drop in to #balt IRC on irc.ircworld.org, i can share with you few films I subtitled with other anons. Also if it turns out, that you are not a jerk I may give you an invite to linkomanija.
Pls note though, that I lurk in irc only in evenings.

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>18 years old
>my life is senseless
>will get beaten up by a guy because i fucked his girl
>tried to kill myself but failed (jumping out of the window)
>if someone wanna give me positive feelings, call me ._.! +4915732627354


international calls are expensive, nigger


File: 1529960525958.png (77,41 KB, 380x349, 1529865017040.png)

nice blog m8


get out of here you homosex with ur gay flag


You posted this on /int/ from russian 2ch.hk and you really feel the need to shitpost this exact same thread on this site.


piss off with your fag flag

File: 1524443115928.gif (1,61 MB, 398x498, 1524275132427.gif)


Salutations, I am an anon from a great land. A land of comfy people. The land of milk and honey.

Saludos, soy un anon de una gran tierra. Una tierra de gente cómoda. La tierra de la leche y la miel

anon . . .

Salutations, je suis un anon d'une grande terre. Une terre de gens confortables. La terre du lait et du miel.

Приветствия, я - анон с большой земли. Земля удобных людей. Земля молока и меда.

Įrašas per ilgas. Norėdamas pamatyti visą tekstą, spausk čia.
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eik nahui brazilas blet niekam nesvarbu apie tavo sudina chana




kas ce per sudas? dink izsce, susiktas brazilas.




File: 1521064567174.jpg (30,84 KB, 406x424, 8758676.JPG)


thank god for 370chan, i'm forgetting lithuanian and with this i can relearn it, thank you, you beautiful motherfuckers and you calling people piderastas.

anyway, gas those fucking polacks, they don't deserve life.
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aš tau tuoj koją ant galvos padėsiu, ok?


File: 1521544313222.jpg (11,41 KB, 343x355, tipinis lietuvis.jpg)

iskur toks agresyvumas savo tautieciui?
Boba nedave? Darbdavys nesumokejo?


Koks dar tautietis? taigi aš nesu danas


Are you fucking tetard



File: 1525388593267.jpg (2,96 KB, 125x100, 1453572633208s.jpg)


Labanakt boys

As labai blogai kalbu po lietiviskai bet turui klausima.

WHich games are liutuviai plays? Jus turite merginos "hikkikomori"?



File: 1526042764868.jpg (6,35 KB, 355x237, 31OBq7UKPfL._SX355_[1].jpg)

>Vladzimir Vladzimiravič Pūcin!

>Paaram, pam, paraaaaram, param pam paraaaaram, param pam paraaaaram, param, pam, param!

>Pariim, pam, pariiiram, parim pam pariiiram, param pam paraaaram, paraam, pam param!
>Paaaaam, pararararaaaam, parararaaaam, pa-raaaam, pararararaaaaam, parararaaaam,
>Pam pam paraaaaram, paraaaam, pam paraaaam, pam, pam, paaaaaaam!!!!!!!!!


File: 1526334039688.jpg (252,29 KB, 876x1016, 15083938884010.jpg)

File: 1522226569865.png (66,73 KB, 1680x509, rateThisAngels.png)


Here is my poll link
>> https://www.strawpoll.me/15355459/
And i need help for choosing this bitches for my academic research paper!!!
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File: 1522229064535.jpg (244,65 KB, 1663x2495, Gina Valentina 2.jpg)

>> https://www.strawpoll.me/15355459/
More pics coming
vote by looking at pictures and info sheets(Multi voting allowed)


File: 1522229125585.jpg (2,37 MB, 2000x3000, Kylie Page 1.jpg)

>> https://www.strawpoll.me/15355459/
More pics coming
vote by looking at pictures and info sheets(Multi voting allowed)


File: 1522234961194.jpg (154,21 KB, 1663x2495, Lily Rader 0.jpg)

>> https://www.strawpoll.me/15355459/
More pics coming
vote by looking at pictures and info sheets(Multi voting allowed)


File: 1522235293338.jpg (648,74 KB, 2000x3000, Kendra Sunderland 4.jpg)

>> https://www.strawpoll.me/15355459/
More pics coming
vote by looking at pictures and info sheets(Multi voting allowed)


File: 1525597291206.jpg (235,94 KB, 640x480, 145761634262.jpg)

File: 1523480413372.jpg (32,43 KB, 133x200, Daniels Strods.jpg)


Well lads, Latchan is back:


Aš turiu juodą juostą


File: 1525023481169.jpg (400,3 KB, 627x600, JIMMY DONT!!!.jpg)

Very nice. Thanks for the heads up.

File: 1505909813014.jpg (6,06 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2658.jpg)


Ka siulote veikti?
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Atvariau i Havajus - Zelandijoj geriau.


File: 1523659311651.jpeg (3,19 MB, 4032x3024, 41B5D250-A126-4C79-AC0D-2….jpeg)



Lietuviška ranka Amerikietiškoje žemėje.



Po galais, tu iš tikrųjų manęs paklausei, koks pakvaišėlis!

Šiaip aš labai pavydukas dabar. Papostink nuotraukų pls.


File: 1524944742374.jpg (8,16 MB, 9000x3333, IMG_5828 copy.jpg)

Siaip geras tas parkas, gana netoli Grand Canyon.

File: 1524425190511.png (362,12 KB, 887x941, kar.png)




Oho geras. Pats piešei?

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