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Why aren't you guys on the red side?

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Hey Lietuva and lithuanians , I love your country although 89% of you don't like it because of this and that. Why is your country so beautifully flat and yet so full of forests , lakes and gorgeous women? Had something with a Lithuanian girl too but turn out to be a closet bitch (you know they act all good and they fuck like bunnies IRL) didn't work out because of that and some friend of her being overly protective.

So I am thinking of doing my master's there and working for a few years , what should I expect besides mild racism outside Kaunas and Vilnius and drunken spaniards , italians, Azebajani guys in bars and clubs trying to fuck with your girls constantly?
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That ain't my kink friend… also I am straight , you are barking at the wrong tree.

I know about your country well enough without having visited , as I said had a relationship with a Lithuanian girl, love the language too but seem hard as fuck compared to German. I love cold weather, darkness not so much but hey at least is not darkness by a piece of shit electricity system failing like it does happen here. Your country is rich , I don't like big countries like Germany, France ,UK. Fuck that , I rather work in a small country , contribute to it's growth and live peacefully under it's culture. Life in lithuania (Also pretty much everywhere) is better than my counry but I have been in the US, Canada and 5 nearby countries here in Latin America and is shit to me. US politics and culture is poison to me , Canada is awesome but is like US lite in some terms and every god damn latin american country excepting one (Uruguay , as small as your country btw) is acceptable, but as I said I love your country's history, geography and culture, if I had something I dislike about lithuania is the lack of football but well basketball is just as good for me.


I am no beggar, neither I am a NEET that gets money by playing vidya. I rather make video games for money. But yeah my country is worse than Zimbabwe , but better be in a state of peace and normality in lithuania than to live as a rich man here in my country


Fuck off we are full


Fuck off they are full


>all these angry virgens

Do whatever you want anon, just don't get your expectations high. I mean it's not Venezuela tier shithole, but it's not some magical place with riches.


Shut up, Egle

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Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there.


nice pussy

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Really fantastic to see and LT based chan. Much love to Vilnius!


pisk iš če, naujapydari


Sveikas atvykęs, angliakalbi! Prašau, pasilik /int/ lentoj.

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beautiful patterns every second
- http://khomalev.ho.ua/kaleidoscope2017.html
#kaleidoscope #second #beautiful #patterns

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Färtii ja Shärtii

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kaunas is gay lol
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Fuck off Ivar, ur flag is literally toothpaste


you are thinking of vilnius


maskva sassiot piter rishajit


vsjo takue

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gramatikos nacionalistas kiba būsi




toks blet ir socialistas


Hello where are the memes


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>18 years old
>my life is senseless
>will get beaten up by a guy because i fucked his girl
>tried to kill myself but failed (jumping out of the window)
>if someone wanna give me positive feelings, call me ._.! +4915732627354
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hi there. i am an imageboard hopper, and i just noticed this post. coincidentally, i am on 2ch.hk at the same time i am reading your post. which means we are connected through blood.


This brings positive feelings possibly



This also

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BGDIeBANM0 - "Peter Gets Stuck to the Couch - Family Guy - YouTube"



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