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Slaptažodis (Failų trynimui.)

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mano vardas klaidas

File: 1524443115928.gif (1,61 MB, 398x498, 1524275132427.gif)


Salutations, I am an anon from a great land. A land of comfy people. The land of milk and honey.

Saludos, soy un anon de una gran tierra. Una tierra de gente cómoda. La tierra de la leche y la miel

anon . . .

Salutations, je suis un anon d'une grande terre. Une terre de gens confortables. La terre du lait et du miel.

Приветствия, я - анон с большой земли. Земля удобных людей. Земля молока и меда.

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Oho geras. Pats piešei?

File: 1507586993157.jpg (28,59 KB, 429x600, 嬉しい.jpg)


mirusi lenta
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install /g/entoo


File: 1513179748559.png (20,03 KB, 538x556, 370-tan.png)

Hello, Dalia!


also, eik nahui


File: 1513367611960.png (6,53 KB, 653x190, eik.png)

Hmmm, these are not papai



File: 1524384091288.gif (3,51 MB, 400x300, Barron Trump Condyloma Inf….gif)


[Ultimatum] Declaration of War to Mr. President Trump

Declaration of War to Mr. President Donald Trump.
A beautiful Evening is it?
Right this is warning message from Terrorist Attack.
Korea, we're g0ing to re-attack US vice-ambassador Marc Knapper in Seoul.
So last time, my a5sassinator's mind is too weak to Cut the ambassador's artery perfectly.
End this time, we @dditionally prepared well trained traditional Cuisine-Professor and Kill that Son Of Bitch by nuclear poisoning.
Ok? We'll amputate all your political comrades slowly but surely one by one, until US army eliminates Bio-Chemical weaons in Korean Peninsular Father Land.
UltimatuM; 3xects us, our VVIP Archenemy Trump!
LIMFAO, See mark Soon in your After-Life……
:# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :#
:# H.U.F.S. R.O. 4ourth 4inger :# :#
:# :# :# :# :# :# :# :#
:# :# :# :# :
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File: 1524383887542.gif (2,92 MB, 500x410, Barron Trump Anal Rape.gif)


[Ultimatum] Dear Mr. President Trump and Mrs. First lady Melania

I'm HUFS student from Seoul, Korea.
How's your president family?
I'm sick of my life cause I always mastervating with tranny prons.
One day, I realize that I'm not going to die like this.
I decide to be a famous Korean male in USA history.
Therefore, I am going to anal rape your youngest son Barron Trump.
Is that Okay because asking before do it is much polite I guess.
I think that mother fucker's asshole is much tighter than Tiffany Ariana.
so I need parents permission before feel the white trash anus.
Don't worry about me: I eat lots of Kimchi so free from AIDS.
I eager to penetrate redneck asshole before I killed by Kim Jung-un.
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File: 1521801545984.jpg (29,39 KB, 400x283, latvia.jpg)




eik nahui amerikonas


File: 1524307112118.png (200,65 KB, 558x180, lit.png)


Drugs are illegal

File: 1505909813014.jpg (6,06 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2658.jpg)


Ka siulote veikti?
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Ačiū, Mošė, iš manes šekelis.
O Havajuose ka?


Atvariau i Havajus - Zelandijoj geriau.


File: 1523659311651.jpeg (3,19 MB, 4032x3024, 41B5D250-A126-4C79-AC0D-2….jpeg)



Lietuviška ranka Amerikietiškoje žemėje.



Po galais, tu iš tikrųjų manęs paklausei, koks pakvaišėlis!

Šiaip aš labai pavydukas dabar. Papostink nuotraukų pls.

File: 1523480413372.jpg (32,43 KB, 133x200, Daniels Strods.jpg)


Well lads, Latchan is back:


Aš turiu juodą juostą

File: 1523337836031.png (634,07 KB, 1022x1555, httpspetitions.whitehouse.….png)


Do you know the threat of anal rape against Barron William Trump, the son of Donald John Trump?
Connaissez-vous la menace de viol anal contre Barron William Trump, le fils de Donald John Trump?
¿Conoces la amenaza de violación anal contra Barron William Trump, el hijo de Donald John Trump?

Вы знаете угрозу анального изнасилования против Баррона Уильяма Трампа, сына Дональда Джона Трампа?
Kennen Sie die Gefahr einer analen Vergewaltigung gegen Baron William Trump, den Sohn von Donald John Trump?
도널드 존 트럼프의 아들인 배런 윌리엄 트럼프에 대한 항문 강간 위협에 대해 알고 있습니까?

Do you know Anal rape threats against Natasha Obama?
Connaissez-vous les menaces de viol anal contre Natasha Obama?
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