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Slaptažodis (Failų trynimui.)

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Ryanair is going to use an airport in Rimini for flights from and to Kaunas, starting from March 2018.

Tell me about tourism in Lithuania!

Also, would you like to come to Italy and enjoy the warm waters and cool sunshine?


there's no tourism, gtfo you shitskin


I don't like hot weather


No need to be mad, no one is going to steal ur Gediminas Tower

But what about cold weather in Milan


File: 1512953172632.jpg (63,26 KB, 996x470, 20248227_236764236844382_3….jpg)


Everything depends on your political leanings.


>Tell me about tourism in Lithuania!
If I tell you, will you go away?


Communists ONLY


Don't mind them, Luigi. There's little sunshine here, so they're all angry and sad. Me? I put a droplet of vitamin D in my rūgpienis so I don't kill myself.


vitamin d is a meme, it only makes me angrier


Maybe you're eating the wrong vitamin D.


sorry, but I'm not your mom




>roman ostrogoth (balt relative) mix


We are both pure Indo-Europeans

No point in hiding this, Mantas



Ok so having returned from Taranto I have to say greek descended southern italians truly are even less civilised than us. Norman ones are noice though.


Are you from Casa Pound?


File: 1516194244710.png (9,17 KB, 420x420, nidopepe.png)

I'm not

Have you seen any Peppuzzo going around?



Who that


File: 1516268325867.jpg (39,93 KB, 390x500, pepp.jpg)

Some southern Italian who's very brash and abrasive in behavior



Yes many jonnes like that, in abibas tracksuits and stereotypically greased black hair. Americanism is strong with uncultured people.


File: 1516642438337.png (10,45 KB, 420x420, pepino de novo.png)

Right, tell us more about the young lithuanians

What they do, what they look like etc

>inb4 chad mantas and virgin grzegorz


they don't like shitskins that's for sure


That's what I meant. You are half balt half roman. Why the fuck do people call Italians shitskins?


because they are


Because they are brown. Have you ever been to Italy?


File: 1517235800326.png (30,86 KB, 894x476, curonian spit.png)

>tfw no spit



I can spit on you any time bby :3

btw bring me some sangue morlacco


File: 1518352619563.jpg (80,87 KB, 299x300, tas.jpg)

Can't do that, Dalia

Have a Tassoni instead :^)


wtf is this piss, drink it yourself


Rasistas pideras


Rasistas pideras



Rasistai heteroseksualūs būna, pideras čia tik tu


I've been to rimini. I also travelled with my parents from north by east coast to south(puglia) and back through napoli, amalfi, toscana by car


File: 1519782273770.jpg (7,65 MB, 5417x3600, Viola Carofalo.jpg)

Why is your commie leader such a hot milf, my dear polpetto? I'd like to give some power to her people, if you get my train of thought


I don't know

Make her sakotis anyway, she's hungry

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