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Slaptažodis (Failų trynimui.)

File: 1513902308986.png (71,43 KB, 400x345, ghost vezys.png)


I found a crustacean


File: 1513946073257.jpg (73,03 KB, 729x600, vezis.jpg)

See, Luigi, this is how crustaceans are made.


File: 1513946208905.jpg (77,84 KB, 651x529, 133293285231.jpg)

If you're interested in more pictures of crustaceans, press F.


i pressed f and nothng happend


File: 1514028725000.png (283,5 KB, 1474x1386, 131991721979.png)

Sorry, you order is here.


File: 1514029262136.png (235,02 KB, 1206x1242, 13199172292.png)

remove lobster


File: 1514029355536.png (277,92 KB, 1206x1242, 133294788573.png)



File: 1514029424140.png (277,67 KB, 1206x1242, 133294981214.png)

such a nice, snowy morning


File: 1514029522471.png (130,25 KB, 435x438, 133294984637.png)

only old faggottinis will remember this crayfish covered in yogurt maymay


File: 1514029761441.jpg (76,75 KB, 709x600, 133295251213.jpg)

schizophrenic crayfish Michele Sciurlione


File: 1514029903455.png (36 KB, 215x237, 133295459226.png)

behold - what you see here is one of the rarest vėžis of all time!


File: 1514030062781.png (477,24 KB, 1206x1300, 1443436260022.png)

even more rarer omg


File: 1514030175215.jpg (87,06 KB, 572x485, forsas.jpg)

im particularly fond of this one


File: 1514030322926.gif (167,32 KB, 350x320, kaciokas.gif)

this crustacean is a positive role model


File: 1514030342914.jpg (70,87 KB, 518x518, 131991748358.jpg)



File: 1514030449485.png (300,12 KB, 651x529, saunus_vezis.png)

such coolness


File: 1514030557521.jpg (69,96 KB, 547x552, vezikas.jpg)



File: 1514030659658.jpg (854,23 KB, 2880x1800, speis.jpg)

can into space


File: 1514030768647.jpg (36,61 KB, 300x186, verkiantipyze.jpg)

im sorry, that last maymay was very lamerino


File: 1514030837613.png (91,97 KB, 250x300, 136275396958.png)



File: 1514031091324.png (223,21 KB, 1206x1020, hm.png)



File: 1514031153141.jpg (117,47 KB, 709x600, piktas.jpg)

i am in need of vitamin D


File: 1514031275739.jpg (38,18 KB, 348x285, vezis (3).jpg)

the most originale vėžis


File: 1514031631549.png (259,3 KB, 651x529, vesus_vezis.png)

Luigi, the correct term is "vėžis", not "vezys"


File: 1514031729722.jpg (342,73 KB, 1000x1000, 133294780867.jpg)

pic related


we need VŽS coin


File: 1514045156603.png (980,48 KB, 1000x970, 133294784945.png)

trips of truth, friendo



See you again, and thanks for all the vėžis…


geri dubliai, sveikinu


rare vezis thread!!!???

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