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>18 years old
>my life is senseless
>will get beaten up by a guy because i fucked his girl
>tried to kill myself but failed (jumping out of the window)
>if someone wanna give me positive feelings, call me ._.! +4915732627354


international calls are expensive, nigger


File: 1529960525958.png (77,41 KB, 380x349, 1529865017040.png)

nice blog m8


get out of here you homosex with ur gay flag


You posted this on /int/ from russian 2ch.hk and you really feel the need to shitpost this exact same thread on this site.


piss off with your fag flag




hi there. i am an imageboard hopper, and i just noticed this post. coincidentally, i am on 2ch.hk at the same time i am reading your post. which means we are connected through blood.

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