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I am try learning lithuanian, and i can't find torrent tracker, which I, foreigner, can use.
Can u suggest me?


Torrent-tracker which have film with lithuanin's sound.


linkomanija.net (invite only)
torrent.ai (cancer)


Why do you want to learn Lithuanian language?


I like how Lithuanian language sounds. I am listning yours radio around 2 hour per day at work, and i really enjoy this.
My native language is Russian, and baltic language family is most closest to slavic. Some research says, that baltics languages is ancestors of east slavic languages. Trur or not, but russian(oldrussian) have 1600 common roots. And learning of Lithuanian language can be a proccess of cognition my mothertongue.
And most important, i wanna visit Lithuania. And i wanna speak on your language, because i don't wont to be a russian jerk.
And, Lithuanian is old and interesting.


Yes, hello!
Drop in to #balt IRC on irc.ircworld.org, i can share with you few films I subtitled with other anons. Also if it turns out, that you are not a jerk I may give you an invite to linkomanija.
Pls note though, that I lurk in irc only in evenings.


Im in channel(


Sorry, I was out for weekend…

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