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Hey Lietuva and lithuanians , I love your country although 89% of you don't like it because of this and that. Why is your country so beautifully flat and yet so full of forests , lakes and gorgeous women? Had something with a Lithuanian girl too but turn out to be a closet bitch (you know they act all good and they fuck like bunnies IRL) didn't work out because of that and some friend of her being overly protective.

So I am thinking of doing my master's there and working for a few years , what should I expect besides mild racism outside Kaunas and Vilnius and drunken spaniards , italians, Azebajani guys in bars and clubs trying to fuck with your girls constantly?


>mild racism


>what should I expect


If you are a beautiful girl, I welcome you and I'll let you stay at my place.




you don't read do you? apply the internet rules , I am a man. 1.75m of it. I want an Egle in my life , what are the names of the most beautiful lithuanians you have seen?


Fuck off. Don't steal our women, you manlet.


There's no stealing if you don't want them in the first place… I have seen how you guys act all stoic and souless, at least 75% of the lithuanians guys I met with a GF where unenthusiastic… is like you all are introverts even with your partners , fucking weird son


Lack off sunlight, cold weather, people who don't smile and depression which will lead you to drinking and eventually to suicide.


Look at the state of my country , I'm already in the drinking/depressed state , I doubt a beautiful and modern country like yours would make me feel worse


File: 1543961196322.jpg (102,34 KB, 1852x907, vilniuje-ant-gedimino-kaln….jpg)

Fuck off tiny nigger, we're full


File: 1543966208713.jpg (41,77 KB, 523x640, 1505981221506.jpg)

>I am a man. 1.75m of it.


>I am a man
Just stay where you are. Or go to Sweden or smth.
There are no Egle here, they all emigrated to UR/Germany/Nordic countries.
Also weebs are not welcome.


>Look at the state of my country
>He doesn't understand that, in order to reorganize from capitalist to communist system, country must undergo the temporary crisis.

You sure are a normalfag, who wants to have a convenient life here and now.
Because of people like you, many countries are forever stuck in a system which is far from perfect, but fits the current needs of the majorities.

So, my advice is – stay in your fucking country and wait, and eventually you'll live in a technologically strong communist state with powerful economy.

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