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Slaptažodis (Failų trynimui.)

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Retas edition
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kur? >;-0


Kad ir če ;Ž






File: 1521534394948.png (39,09 KB, 645x773, 1318199516002.png)

tfw don't have surelis here

File: 1503763882667.jpg (30,14 KB, 371x536, yooneunhye.jpg)


anyeong hasejo nx


north korea best korea


Get the fuck out of here, koreafag, I hate ya'll and those fucking japs.



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File: 1521409741973.jpg (3,77 KB, 250x184, 1519004933023s.jpg)


Is this where the latfags went when latchan shut down when they know they have a little step forward in learning Lithuanian? Or are they fucked?


As you can see there are 0 latvians here, so no.


saw one here who mentioned latchan.lv

File: 1513902308986.png (71,43 KB, 400x345, ghost vezys.png)


I found a crustacean
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we need VŽS coin


File: 1514045156603.png (980,48 KB, 1000x970, 133294784945.png)

trips of truth, friendo



See you again, and thanks for all the vėžis…


geri dubliai, sveikinu


rare vezis thread!!!???

File: 1521408988802.jpg (7,1 KB, 263x191, atsisiųsti.jpg)


Caption Lithuanian Picardia!

Baltic Picardia memes are the best!

File: 1520723894354.jpg (90,28 KB, 640x602, 1802122126492575.jpg)


Hello. I am from Russia. How are you today?


bad with 0% chance of gf


pisau ir tapšnojau


the bottom color of your flag is red just like lithuania's, *FAST BLINK 10 TIMES*.


File: 1521142956972.jpg (186,17 KB, 900x675, proud.jpg)

britdi gūd

File: 1519170612168.jpg (2,27 KB, 126x168, 1518722686696s.jpg)


when i go back to lithuania to see my grandparents (long story, don't ask) what snack should i buy whilst there?
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Also try kibinai


Kosher foreskins


File: 1521065215825.jpg (1,75 KB, 103x125, 1518285811832s.jpg)


File: 1521065438062.jpg (11,54 KB, 276x249, 565757.jpg)

>koldunai su cesnakiniu padazu


pasaka geriausas surielus daro

File: 1520115307072.png (90,53 KB, 180x202, 22.PNG)


is lithuanian hard for ya'll english people?

don't worry, to become lithuanian all you have to do is say "fucking russians" or "fucking poles" whenever something goes wrong, then you're on your way to learn the closest language to sanskrit yet, lithuanian :^).
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You're only wrong by up to 30 times.

>But as a result of language preservation and purging policies, Slavic loanwords currently constitute only 1.5% of the Standard Lithuanian lexicon, while German loanwords constitute only 0.5% of it.[25] The majority of loanwords in the 20th century arrived from the Russian language.


You are conflating 20th century loanwords with actual international words of slavic descent.

> bistrò [pranc], nedidelė užkandinė, mažas restoranas.
How the heck bistro is not slavic?



There are literally like 20 (hyperbole) international nouns of slavic origin, what are you talking about?


I'm tired of rain, I want saule


aš lietuvis, joks ne indis, aš tesiok girdejau kad sanskrit is similar to lithuanian (sorry i'm forgetting the language, been in england too long).

File: 1512262492804.png (9,36 KB, 420x420, skypepe.png)


Ryanair is going to use an airport in Rimini for flights from and to Kaunas, starting from March 2018.

Tell me about tourism in Lithuania!

Also, would you like to come to Italy and enjoy the warm waters and cool sunshine?
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Rasistas pideras



Rasistai heteroseksualūs būna, pideras čia tik tu


I've been to rimini. I also travelled with my parents from north by east coast to south(puglia) and back through napoli, amalfi, toscana by car


File: 1519782273770.jpg (7,65 MB, 5417x3600, Viola Carofalo.jpg)

Why is your commie leader such a hot milf, my dear polpetto? I'd like to give some power to her people, if you get my train of thought


I don't know

Make her sakotis anyway, she's hungry

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